Being a Leader is more than just having the title or ownership. The start-up phase and the established business management phase – may require two different types of people. Handling the responsibilities of a group or team is challenging and quite different than making the start-up decisions.

What makes a Good Leader? Certain capabilities, traits and skills, all factor into being a good Leader.

Leadership Capabilities Include:

• Passionate about people
• Performance management
• Building effective teams
Performance Appraisals
• Coaching
• One-on-ones
• Touch-points
• Giving Feedback
Managing change
• Managing conflict
• Employee Service

Leadership Traits

• Initiative
• Flexibility
• Persistence
• Resilience
• Passion

Leadership Skills

• Managerial courage
• Persuasiveness and influencing
• Presentation skills
• Telephone skills
Verbal communication
• Running meetings
Written communication
• Negotiation
• Listening

These lists outline the Leadership criteria to be an effective leader. However, it doesn’t stop here…no, it’s just the beginning. Now we group the skill levels to form the techniques used by Leaders.

Managing Teams

 One on Ones – underestimating their value will be your downfall.
 Setting Expectations – your commitment to clarity
 Start-up meetings – make a difference.

Leading People

 Can you assess their performance?
Performance Management
 Delegation –
 Hands on during Change

Leadership – Ongoing

 Building company spirit
 Driving culture change
 Demonstrating your people value
 Motivate Me!

The bottom line in Leadership include all the above, but none of them matter if you don’t possess the PEOPLE SKILLS. This would include:

 Be Trustworthy
 Inspire People to Work Toward a Vision
 Be Aware of Your Impact on Others
 Accept Responsibility for Your Actions
 Lead vs. Manage
 Have High Self Worth and Self Esteem – Invites Respect

This list would also include the intangibles, Passion, Compassion, Understanding, Empathy, Perpetuity for ongoing goals and success mindset and most important, the ability to communicate.

“There, now that isn’t asking much is it?”

Congrats, now you are a successful leader. C’mon, it wasn’t that hard – you were BORN to be a leader!

Author: thewritingeditor.com

I am a freelance writer in addition to working for WXIA TV 11 Alive in Atlanta. I then moved to Corporate Headquarters at USA Today. The words written in this blog are my opinion or research alone and no others. Thanks and come back often!

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