"I'm breaking the word-check rules today and writing about me, I, myself"...1st person!


I received many comments about my blog when writing about merging technology and sports. Obviously, this passionate topic warrants a lot of considerations. It got me thinking…”Isn’t it funny how some blogs get very little attention while others are jammed with responses?”

One comment that alerted me to my topic today, was suggesting that I should teach others how to write a blog. I smiled big on that one because my blogs are probably the most “relaxed and informal” work of all my writing skills and talents. On my blogs, I write as I talk…it’s like having a conversation with you on paper, or should I say, a screen…LOL.

Let me share with you my take on blogs.

I see blogs as being an instrument to show others “who” you are, more than what products you are selling or what marketing you are doing for your own business. Sometimes, it’s just good to see the person behind the scenes, you know.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfect place to market your business and get some free advertising for yourself. I assure you, I can write formal blogs that would gain attention, and I do write them for clients that want strictly professional. However, a blog is also the one place you can get to know someone by his or her writing. Consequently, it invites a comment or response from the reader with whom you have just made a connection with through your blog.

Now social media is a venue that does play into gaining a viable connection. However, you can only write one or two liners, “you are doing this or that today”, but where on the net can you just express your ideas, feelings, favorite things in life, or even promote yourself in a manner that expresses who you are as a person…right, a blog.

In my world of opinions, there are several types of blogs:

Opinion blogs
Marketing blogs
Product blogs
Point of Interest blogs
Political Blogs
Inspirational blogs
Self-help blogs
Technology blogs
Family/Parenting blogs
Sports blogs
Pet blogs

The list could probably go on and on…but guess what? If you really want to be a great blogger, write about every single one of those topics and pretty soon you have reflected the person you are behind the scenes. Don’t forget, a picture is also worth a thousand words…so don’t be afraid to use them. The main suggestion is to just be you and have fun with it. It is your website/blog site and it’s the one place you can communicate who you are – by what you write…and that my friend is the best place to strut your personal (not private) stuff!

Author: thewritingeditor.com

I am a freelance writer in addition to working for WXIA TV 11 Alive in Atlanta. I then moved to Corporate Headquarters at USA Today. The words written in this blog are my opinion or research alone and no others. Thanks and come back often!

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