An interesting conversation took place between my brother and I this week.  It was regarding Cancer Research.  I had a widget that I installed on my site asking people  to “stand up to cancer”, and having 2 members in my family die of cancer, and a third battling it as we speak, I was ready willing and able to attach any and all links toward Research of this horrible disease to help eradicate it if at all possible.

As a certified Grief Counselor, I have worked with several groups who were either dealing with cancer themselves, or dealing with the loss of someone they loved due to Cancer.  There are so many things to deal with – even beyond the most horrible of which is the cancer itself, that many of us do not even think about beyond the loss.

My brother and sister-in-law lost a daughter to brain cancer.  She was only in her 30’s and left behind a husband and three small children at the time, all trying to cope with the horrible loss, which of course all family members felt for our beloved  Maureen.  For Maureen’s inspirational story, please go to  and see how the family dealt with their grief and turned a horrible tragedy into a memorial that transcends their completed grief process, into positive motivation in helping others who suffer the demons of cancer.

My brother pointed out to me that while Research was so very important, even just as important, there are so many families dealing with high financial costs due to members having cancer and how difficult it was trying to cope with the high cost of medical bills.  To that end, I went to HIS website and read the stories of so many who are suffering, so many success stories of those fighting cancer, and noted the help that this organization, Mission4Maureen has contributed to so many families.  Whether it was a light bill, food, medical equipment or gas for the car – this team has done so much for families in honor of their beloved Maureen, that you could not help but want to contribute to the cause.

This weekend, you will hear about the “Have a chance Walk” which is a walk for cancer patients.

Every year, the team for Maureen, walks or contributes, inspiring the “hope” that ignites the fuel to support their cause.  Grants have been awarded, monies contributed, prayers and well-wishes have abound as a result of their efforts.

This year’s Have A Chance Walk is counting on a huge team turnout as “Hope Steps Forward” on October 17th!

For team members arriving from out of state, Rooms are available close to Battery Park at the Holiday Inn Express at 126 Water Street, New York City, NY 10005,( Hotel Front Desk: 212-747-9222.

Also, please R.S.V.P. on the Events Page at so we have an idea as to how many will be joining us. I will be updating as we get closer to the event. Even if you can’t join us, don’t forget to register as a team fundraiser to add to our team total! (

If you don’t live in New York, or can’t attend the walk, you CAN donate to this great cause.  Just follow the link above and help out those families who have such a big burden, that even your small donation can be appreciated by the help it provides.  Thanks for your support.


I am a freelance writer in addition to working for WXIA TV 11 Alive in Atlanta. I then moved to Corporate Headquarters at USA Today. The words written in this blog are my opinion or research alone and no others. Thanks and come back often!

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