Classic Phones, Newspapers and Books!

As a business person, no one knows better the importance of progress, updating, renewing, make-overs, or options to keep up with the trends of today. While the “reality shows” taunt us with fancy games, relationships, or talent, some of the best viewing comes from TV land, like “I Love Lucy” or “Andy Griffith.” There still is a demographic audience for black and white television…both for young and old.

While technology fascinates me, I heard someone say the other day that this generation is not just the “Y” generation, it is the “YI” generation because of the iPods, iPads, the Internet, iPhones, or whatever gimmick, tool or gadget you want to put “I” in front of.

The thing is, high-tech is fantastic, but you have heard the cliché – “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”. This simply means of course, that just because something new and “cool” is invented, doesn’t always mean we have to toss out a perfectly good “old”.

Let’s take the newspaper, for instance. Readership has obviously declined for the newsprint world, yet, there are those who desperately want to hang onto that paper that arrives every morning.  They read it while eating breakfast and drinking their morning coffee, or bluntly, is even used as the bathroom companion for some.

The newspaper prepares us for our day of high-tech work, via the internet, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Iconic clicks with the mouse. Evening arrives, and the long commute on the train provides you time to read the paper; or you come home, sit down with a glass of soda, wine or beer, and read the sports page, the local news of the day, or even the comics…just to unwind from the high-tech brain-drenched day of “I’s”. People often say TV is not good with overexposure, …well, seems like too much “I” stuff could be a health hazard as well. Don’t you love it when you are talking to someone and they are checking their iPhone for messages…rude?  I am not by any means knocking the fantastic wireless world we are all loving the convenience of.  I am merely saying, what is the harm in both…certainly the newspaper world can learn to survive financially using other avenues for revenue.

Picture this…you get up in the morning and read the cereal box instead of the paper. Then, you ride the commuter train and thus, begins your high-tech day right away, reading small print without the pictures, not hearing the crisp rustle of the newspaper, and probably working instead of doing some good old fashioned reading of daily events. You are so engrossed in the iPad that you miss the little article, which mentioned your old dear friend’s name that was listed in the obit section of the newspaper. Do you use your iPad to check the obits?

As a former newspaper editor and writer, I cannot even begin to justify the thinking that the newspaper industry has to suffer due to new technology. Kids can no longer cut out the articles for a school project from the newspaper if they are using an “I” gadget instead. Sure, they could print out the article, but the fact that the newspaper would not be scotched taped to the page, just takes something away from it.

The two years of working for a newspaper had an imprint on me. I have a huge bound book of my published articles – showing those fragile yellowing pages with my name on it” so my grandkids can take it to school someday and say,” this was from the olden days when the newspaper was more important than high-tech gadgets…can you believe that?”

There IS a place for both…long live the newspaper industry and may the high-tech of tomorrow never forget the classics of yesterday or today.


I am a freelance writer in addition to working for WXIA TV 11 Alive in Atlanta. I then moved to Corporate Headquarters at USA Today. The words written in this blog are my opinion or research alone and no others. Thanks and come back often!

2 thoughts on “Classic Phones, Newspapers and Books!”

  1. This post really hits home with me. I hope newspapers will always be around. I got my taste for writing and being a journalist while in elementary school. I’m thankful my Mom saved every newspaper edition. Being a staff reporter I was in print in each somewhere. It was such a treat in elementary school to be picked to crank the mimeograph machine even if I ended up with purple fingers, purple stains on my clothes, and a sore arm. I took my job of interviewing another student or teacher very seriously and got involved on the newspaper staff annually through high school graduation.

    Today my family teases that I take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to read the newspapwer but I do read 85% of the articles and skim the rest. I, in turn, chuckle when they want to know something in the news and come to me to ask what I read.

    There’s something about unwinding from a hectic day with the relaxing art of reading or beginning a day knowing what’s happening. Great post to remind us of the importance of embracing the old before it becomes extinct taking an art form with it.

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